What Is A Notary Public?

A notary public or public notary is a person mandated by local government to administer oaths, collect sworn statements and witness signatures. Most governments require every notarized person to carry a unique number to prevent imposters. This tool is often referred to as an embosser.

It should be remembered that a lawyer can act as a public notary. However, to be granted with this status, no training is required. There are some legal documents that cannot be accepted in the court unless they are notarized. For this reason, a notary public spends most of his/her time witnessing signing of legal documents. When it comes to witnessing signatures, verification of the identity of the parties involved 1is crucial. As a rule of thumb, each party will be required to present some kind of identification proof such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, Identification Card, passport, etc. This is the only way a notary can verify the true identity of each party. 


Similar to a solicitor Frankston, a public notary will usually offer his or her services at a fee. However, some of them are employed by the state, meaning they are paid by the state for their services. But it is common to find notaries offering private services as well. They can be hired by anyone to provide the service.

It is worth bearing in mind that the embossing stamp or official signature cannot make a document legal or true. This is just a common misconception that often tries to mislead people. The truth of the matter is that a notary is not authorized to provide any kind of legal advice. However, if the notary happens to be a licensed attorney he or she may be allowed to provide such services. The primary role of a notary is to witness the signing of legal documents, after which he or she will request the parties to take an oath.Even after he or she has witnessed the signing of the documents, the documents can still be declared invalid by the court.

The process and requirements of becoming a public notary vary from country to country. As aforementioned, there is no training required to become a notary. But it is crucial that a notary should be familiar with matters concerning the law. He or she will need to have to learn some law basics. This is the only way they can win the trust of their clients.

Most states will only approve notaries that are over eighteen years. A person who wants to be a notary will be required to demonstrate a high level of respect for the law of the land. Also, his or her integrity need not to be questionable whatsoever. A notary cannot discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, tribe or race. There are a number of organizations that offer courses on the job. A public notary has the right to reject a client of unquestionable character. For example, a client may offer a bribe or try to sign a document on behalf of someone.

Accident lawyers, on the other hand, are meant to ensure the rights of their clients are protected from road or any other accidents.


Things You Need To Know Before You Buy And Sell Properties

Your properties are the biggest investments you do in life and also the biggest monetary asset you actually have even more than your car. This is why it is really important to consider even the smallest detail before you buy more and also sell the existing ones. It might not be selling but you might be handing over the properties and assets to the next generation of your family. All these processes need some advanced knowledge to handle. Here are some of the tips that we collected for you.

Get the correct knowledge of law

You don’t have to study law or anything to handle the process. This is why there are separate conveyancing lawyers in Hawthorn for that. They will explain all details for you regarding the buying, selling and also the transferring ownership process. So, you really don’t have to worry yourself searching for all the details.

Check for a good service in your area that will help you with this. It is very important to get familiar so you will not do any mistakes plus, none of us want to spend money on something that is not worth it. So, it is best to get advice from professional lawyer in things like this. They will also help you to search government departments, prepare legal documents, stamp the documents, and much more.

Get familiar with the rates

House and land rates fluctuate almost all the time and also for different reasons. So, whether you are selling your home or planning to buy one, you need to know the prices of the area you are looking for. Some houses can be way too expensive and also some very cheap. Both types can’t be guaranteed. This is why it is important that you make yourself familiar with the prices. This will also help you to do better bargaining and also recognize whether it is good for you or not. To do your research, you can use online classifieds, newspaper classifieds, property websites and also from trustworthy agents. You don’t want to sell or buy properties for an unreasonable price. So, make the most out of it through a simple research.

Get to know the owner

Especially if you are buying a new home or land, you need to get in touch with the owner. There might be agents who will represent them but it is always important to get to know the real person. Many owners will also use their property management services for the selling process as well.

Get it inspected

Whether you are buying or selling, house inspections are a must. For the seller, it will benefit them to make the necessary repairs and fill in the gaps of their house and the buyer, can identify any flaws and bargain.


Got A Law Degree? Now What?

Being a lawyer is considered to be one of the noblest and coolest jobs. A law degree is also among the most versatile qualifications; you can do a lot more than just being g a lawyer. Of course being just a lawyer is a great job; you get to send the bad guys to jail or win the rights of the good ones.

Some of the jobs that have a direct link to a degree in law are as follows;

• You could be a barrister socialising in one of the many branches of law including criminal law, commercial law, sports law etc.Barristers represent someone at courts, either an individual or an entire organization. A barrister could either work in a private setting, or in pubic organizations. 


• Another option with your law degree is to be a company secretary. The primary area of focus of a company secretary is to make sure the organization the work for adheres to all applicable financial and legal standards, together with dynamic compliance with corporate governance.

• A solicitor provides professional legal advice to his/her clients, based on the instructions received by the clients. A client can range from an individual to a conglomerate. A solicitor can either work privately, for a commercial or other organization, or even for the government.

• Yet another option would be to become a licenced conveyancer Cranbourne.

A conveyancer specializes in property law, and deals with the buying or selling of properties, on behalf of their clients. Drawing up and looking in to contracts and other documents, and process transfer, mortgages etc., are art of their responsibility.

The options do not end there. If you have studied law, but dot want to do anything with pure law, there are many options available for you as well.

• You could be a journalist or writer. Think no more than ‘John Grisham’. All you need for writing is inspiration. Make you law knowledge your inspiration, and write your heart out. If it works, it could be your bread winning career.

• If you lose sleep over the worries of the general public, and how a change of a policy could restore their happiness, the field of public interest advocacy was made just for you.

• The Big 4 firms, namely KPMG, Deloitte, PWC and Ernst and Young are always on the lookout for those with law degrees to become tax consultants. A ta consults advises on tax related issues and implications to their clients; mostly organizations.

• You could also become a trading standards officer, who monitors if the goods and services are bought, hired or sold in the optimum way, and in favour of the consumers. This job also includes the responsibility of making the public aware of said issues.