In an ideal world, accidents during work would be unheard of. But since we do not live in such a perfect world, it is common to see or hear about accidents taking place during work. Of course, every conscientious company and employer does take steps to prevent accidents – whether through informing people of their possibility, or through securing dangerous areas and property – but the slightest lapse in attention can and does lead to accidents.

Following an accident, it is imperative to assess the situation of the involved parties. Are their injuries life-threatening or not? Depending on the severity of the injuries, immediate medical attention might be required. In such instances, do not hesitate to call for ambulances. However, if the accident has only resulted in minor injuries, it is perfectly fine to perform first aid and safely transport the employee to the nearest clinic available. Once this has been done, the scene of the accident must be properly secured to avoid other accidents, and also to preserve the objects or situation that led to the accident happening in the first place.

For many employers, it is what follows after this that tends to become unpleasant. By law, employers are required to record and notify the relevant authorities when significant accidents take place. The records are supposed to explain and provide information on how and why the accident has happened, and the steps that will be taken to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Furthermore, employers should cooperate and help the relevant employees file claims for their injuries through personal  injury lawyers Joondalup, or ask for settlements as well. It is illegal for employers to terminate or discriminate against employees in the event they do file claims.Accordingly, if you are an employee who has been involved in an accident at the workplace, remember that you are protected by the law at all times. In the event that you know you were not at fault, but the employer has taken no steps to compensate you for your injuries and medical fees, know that you have every right to file claims against them.

Talking to, and obtaining the counsel of a public liability compensation lawyers can help you through the process. If you belong to a trade union, you can inquire and see if the union has any preferred legal services (which you can obtain at a discount); otherwise, seek for an experienced lawyer to guide you through your case.

It might sound scary or ungrateful to ask your employer for compensation, but keep in mind that you have the right to ask for settlements if the accident was by no means your fault. Accordingly, work with your employer and check that he or she has reported your accident, and do not be afraid to ask them for documents and information if you wish to file claims.