Almost all of us have heard the terms such as lawyers, barristers, attorneys, etc. Some may think all are same but known by different names in different countries most probably. But no, there is a precise difference among all these terms. Well then, how many of us know the exact difference between these terms? Let us look at the meanings of the terms and the differences which make them not so similar.

To describe a lawyer in simple term is a person who is taught to practice law and gives legal advice. There are various types of lawyers such as, Employment lawyer, Family lawyer, Autism lawyer, Deportation lawyer, Construction lawyer, Inheritance lawyer, and many more. Lawyers are regulated by State Bar Association (U.S). To practice law, lawyers must be licensed by the state or federal court. And solicitors in Sutherland and barristers are also types of lawyer.

In the US, lawyers are also known as attorneys. But there is still a thin line of difference between lawyers and attorneys. A lawyer may not provide legal advice but an attorney will. An attorney acts on behalf of his clients in the court of law when defending or pleading a case in their interest. Thus a lawyer may not be an attorney, but interestingly an attorney is a lawyer.

Solicitor- a title used in the U.S by many government attorneys in some agencies of the government. These solicitors provide legal advice and their main job is to support their clients. They work with their clients directly. They keep in touch with each other constantly so that he may take his client’s instructions and advice them accordingly related to the case. Their work does not end here. They have to manage all the paper works, such as writing the documents, necessary legal letters and contracts, keeping in mind of his client’s needs. The term is mostly seen to be used in the U.K, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and some parts of the U.S. Look here for further information regarding assault lawyers.

A barrister works at higher level of court. They can also be considered as a jurist, representing a litigant as advocate before a court of jurisdiction. Speaking in the court and presenting a case before the judge is the work of the barrister. Compared to other legal professionals a barrister has rights of audience in the superior courts and they have more access than other lawyers. Unlike attorneys, generally, a barrister has no direct contact with his clients. All the correspondence works, inquiries, etc. are addressed to the attorney. Add to that, barristers can be easily distinguished from others, especially from other legal professionals, by their apparel. A barrister, usually in Ireland, England, and Wales, is found to be wearing a stiff collar, horsehair wig, and a gown.