Just like any other profession, lawyers too can specialize in a specific sector – especially given how vast the field of law is. Here are some of the most common types of lawyers:

  • Family lawyers – the most common lawyer to which most people go to is the family lawyer. The family lawyer deals with all sorts of domestic conflicts, of which the most common one is no doubt divorce. The lawyer also is the go-to representative in conflicts of child guardianship, and similar issues of a familial nature. Also included here are the cases of dubious or unknown paternity and parentage, etc.
  • Criminal lawyers – the other most well-known lawyer is the criminal lawyer. These lawyers basically deal with all felonies and criminal transgressions. Crimes can range from the more innocuous crimes such as shoplifting and juvenile crimes to the gruesome homicides and serial killings that can scar most individuals for life.
  • Environmental and planning lawyers – these lawyers basically deal with environmental issues that arise in the planning of constructions and the like. Like the environmental lawyers, they are concerned with potential pollution to the environment and other ways in which the environment can be harmed – all of which are offences that can be severely punished in many developed countries nowadays.
  • Workers compensation lawyers – just as the name suggests, these lawyers are involved in any case that revolves around workplace injuries or deaths. Any injury, disability, death or any other disadvantage that has resulted from a workplace experience can be litigated in court for recompense from the particular company or factory.
  • Land dispute lawyers – these lawyers are basically the go-to lawyer whenever a conflict over land arises with the dispute. Unlike what you would believe, however, most of these lawyers prefer to defuse the conflict rather than to take it to court. The reason is the unpredictability of land dispute cases: it is often hard to decide which side will win (and can prove detrimental to the image of the lawyer if he or she keeps on losing their cases).
  • Tax lawyers – in many countries, if not all, the intricacies of tax law can baffle most of the civilians. Accordingly, there are specialist lawyers that can deal with any and all problems related to tax law – the tax lawyers. These can range from simple personal and property taxes, to the more complex business taxes, etc.
  • General practice lawyers – and to conclude, the general practice lawyers can be likened to the general practitioner in the field of medicine. They have a basic grasp on most common sections of the law, and can easily act as an entryway and consultation agent when requiring a lawyer. These types of lawyers are often hired to act as personal lawyers by many individuals because they can provide advice on most legal questions (and give recommendations to specialists).