As dysfunctional as it may seem we all love our family in its darkest times as we like to think that sunshine and happiness is always around the corner. Every dark cloud has its silver lining. Is it not what we were thought? But if things meant to make us happy and content are the very reason for our anger and tears it is best to part ways and it is in such a situation for you to seek the advice of a reliable family law firm Sydney and be represented by a litigation lawyer who strikes a perfect balance between being professional and compassionate, it is also best if you can consult a business lawyer and a property settlement lawyer if the needed arises.

Family is something one should be eager to go back to at the end of a tired day, not something you run away from with pretend meeting and conferences. Nobody should resort to stay in a relationship for the children, for the pressure of the society or because divorce is too expensive. Despite whatever justification you keep saying to yourself you are likely to be doing more damage than you think to your children, your partner and also to yourself.

Severing family ties are never easy and should always be discouraged but if it has to be done it is best to be represented by a compassionate yet professional family law specialist such as ours, for your sake as well as whoever you intend to enter into a legal battle. Our firm’s exclusive blend of the family law and relevant commercial knowledge pertaining to dealing with scams and insolvencies means we can handle complex family law cases that include companies, property and other complex monetary activities and funds. Therefore you can be rest assured that you are represented by a family law firm that does not specialize only in that respective area but also be able to provide you the services of a business lawyer or even property settlement lawyers. Did you know that almost forty to fifty percent of the marriages dissolve within the first five year tenure, what does that say to you?, with numbers such as this is best to protect yourself and your assets with the representation of a family law specialist. Some may call you a pessimist of worse but in my opinion it beats the hell out of an ugly legal battle. Contrary to mis-informed belief assets are not spilt right in the middle during a separation. During an asset spilt the following is taken into consideration are;

Assessing the contributions of the parties to the asset pool/s: meaning assessing if the asset was acquired before, during or after the dispute and assessing the relative future needs of the parties: if there were children to be considered the party with custody is likely to receive the family car taking in to consideration all the commutation involved.

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