A notary public or public notary is a person mandated by local government to administer oaths, collect sworn statements and witness signatures. Most governments require every notarized person to carry a unique number to prevent imposters. This tool is often referred to as an embosser.

It should be remembered that a lawyer can act as a public notary. However, to be granted with this status, no training is required. There are some legal documents that cannot be accepted in the court unless they are notarized. For this reason, a notary public spends most of his/her time witnessing signing of legal documents. When it comes to witnessing signatures, verification of the identity of the parties involved 1is crucial. As a rule of thumb, each party will be required to present some kind of identification proof such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, Identification Card, passport, etc. This is the only way a notary can verify the true identity of each party. 


Similar to a solicitor Frankston, a public notary will usually offer his or her services at a fee. However, some of them are employed by the state, meaning they are paid by the state for their services. But it is common to find notaries offering private services as well. They can be hired by anyone to provide the service.

It is worth bearing in mind that the embossing stamp or official signature cannot make a document legal or true. This is just a common misconception that often tries to mislead people. The truth of the matter is that a notary is not authorized to provide any kind of legal advice. However, if the notary happens to be a licensed attorney he or she may be allowed to provide such services. The primary role of a notary is to witness the signing of legal documents, after which he or she will request the parties to take an oath.Even after he or she has witnessed the signing of the documents, the documents can still be declared invalid by the court.

The process and requirements of becoming a public notary vary from country to country. As aforementioned, there is no training required to become a notary. But it is crucial that a notary should be familiar with matters concerning the law. He or she will need to have to learn some law basics. This is the only way they can win the trust of their clients.

Most states will only approve notaries that are over eighteen years. A person who wants to be a notary will be required to demonstrate a high level of respect for the law of the land. Also, his or her integrity need not to be questionable whatsoever. A notary cannot discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, tribe or race. There are a number of organizations that offer courses on the job. A public notary has the right to reject a client of unquestionable character. For example, a client may offer a bribe or try to sign a document on behalf of someone.

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