Mediation is the process of settling the issues related to divorcing parties with the help of a professional thus skipping on the need to visit courts and go through trials that aren’t only time consuming but also emotionally and physically draining. In order to avoid all this, lawyers practicing in this field are able to solve things in a peaceful manner where both parties needs are met. So here is why you should work with such persons when the need arises;

Amicable settlement

Trials are always known to be emotionally draining. And when you add in the time factor in to it, it becomes even more complicated. With the help of family mediation lawyers Perth, you can settle the problems easily and part ways in an amicable manner as well. Working with these persons are more or less of an informal discussion between both parties. Where both persons enter into a favorable agreement to settle things. Thus eliminating the need for court trials.


The cost to go through with a separation is always greater than the amount you would have to bear with arbitration. It always accounting of property this requires a property lawyer, it involves attorney fee, an account of overall wealth and everything else in the process that simply makes this the most expensive option to go through with. So instead of all that you could go through with intermediation which is informal yet result guaranteed. In most countries it has been set as a law that couples are first expected to go through with conciliation before they seek the help of the court and trials.

Privacy is maintained

Since this is a discussion between the couple and a professional working in the field, the room for all the details being revealed to a whole crowd is limited. Unlike in a trial in the court room where everyone would eventually get to know of all the details you’d rather have them not knowing, here there is privacy and confidentiality. Since these professionals are sworn to confidentiality you can guarantee that whatever you say or do would remain within yourselves and would never go beyond.

A better option

It is also a better option to go with when there are children involved. In courts the judge determines who gets which child and how their time should be distributed. This truly does mess things up for the little children who are in the middle of all this. So skip this and think of the wellbeing of your child. Try to come in an agreement that would not affect the child in a way where they’d be forced to choose between a parent. And this could be done through mediation. Thus making this a better option for everyone!Consider the above and choose the right option. But remember that this is permanent. So if you are having second thoughts, then hold back on this decision and try to work things out one more time before going through with such permanent decisions that affects the entire family.